When it comes to care-free travel, preparation is the key to success. It doesn't matter if you're traveling across the country or across the globe. You must take precautions to have a safe and fun trip. It won’t be any fun if you didn’t bring along something important when you needed it. Whether it’s planning an itinerary or having all necessary equipment, you want everything perfect. The Game Theory will keep all your items safe with our anti-theft travel gear, and you can look over the TSA precheck for info. Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have four tips for you that will ensure a successful trip. We’ll be going over the most essential things you’ll want to know:


  1. Researching
  2. TSA Precheck
  3. Batteries
  4. Packing


Do Your Research


Learning about your destination beforehand can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. You can learn a lot from performing a simple google search. A whole host of useful information is at your fingertips. Whether it’s about local events, customs, weather or news, you can always find something. Prior to boarding your flight, take some time to get a feel about what other travelers experiences have been. Sites like trip advisor and Reddit offer personal accounts and reviews of destinations, hotels, and attractions.


Travel blogs are another great resource for researching your travel destination. Because travel bloggers travel for a living, they often offer a useful perspective and unique tips. Travel blogs also highlight the best a destination has to offer, so they have good itinerary planning tips. Traveling around also makes them exceptional at packing their travel bags well. Check their pointers so you can make sure that you’re packing your travel gear correctly and safely.

Signs pointing to TSA pre-check

Airport check in desk with TSA pre-check and main checkpoint signs

Sign Up for TSA Pre-check


If you’ve ever stepped foot in an airport, then you know there is no better feeling than breezing through the TSA check-in. For the frequent flyer, TSA Pre-check makes it well worth the $85 fee for 5 years of stress-free travel. With TSA-Pre-check travelers don’t have to remove their shoes, belt, or sweater, and aren’t required to put their laptop in a separate bin. For travelers familiar with hour-long security lines, pre-check is a no brainer. The pre-check is even better when you have a TSA approved stylish anti-theft travel bag as your personal item. Even though you don’t have to take out your laptop, you’ll be happy you have it snug in its drop-protected pocket.


Bring a battery pack


Whether you’re in the air or on the ground, nothing spells a spoiled trip like dead devices. To save yourself the trouble of being stranded without Google maps, be sure to bring a battery charger (or two) along with you on your trip. This way, even if your devices run low on battery life, the day doesn’t have to come to a halt. One of the best things about The Game Theory backpack is its built-in USB charging port. Simply attach your portable charger to the USB inside the bag and plug in your phone or other device from the outside. Much better than having to carry around with it in your pocket when you need your phone the most.

Person sitting on overstuffed travel bag

Airport check in desk with TSA pre-check and main checkpoint signs

Travel light when on the go


For most travelers, one of their main priorities is keeping personal items out of harm's way. With our anti-theft backpack, you’ll have a durable and sturdy accessory to carry your things. No need to worry too much about breakage with the padded exterior. It makes carrying your backpack super comfortable. The interior has multiple pockets to keep all of your items neat and tidy. This anti-slash backpack not only keeps you safe from would-be thieves, but it’s also durable enough to hold up against rugged terrain.


Of course, you still want to keep your backpack light when on the go. Having a heavy bag for a long day of walking will make things difficult. You don’t want to be tired and annoyed your entire trip! Pack only what you need for the day and keep your other items in your hotel room. Be sure to use the provided safe so you can be sure no one will take anything.

Hiker with travel backpack looking at horizon

Hiker standing on rocks looking out at the horizon

Being prepared for your trip takes a lot of the stress out of traveling. If any mishaps occur, you’ll have everything you need to take care of it. Whether it’s a business trip or a vacation, you should keep yourself organized and ready for the adventure ahead. There’s a world out there waiting for you. There’s no time to waste.

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