Planning a trip can be stressful. There are far too many variables that you have to think about. Most people focus on the actual trip itself and where they are going. They research places they want to visit and what they need to know about hotels. Often times, everyone leaves the packing part of the trip to the end. There might be things you use daily which can't sit in a suitcase until your trip. You still need to prepare the right luggage, though! You’ve looked into checked-in bags. You’ve looked over all the items on the TSA website. Your carry-on bag and personal item might be a different story. You want things hassle-free, don't you? So, take a few tips from The Game Theory. We know a few things about checkpoint friendly laptop bags. 

1. What is a checkpoint friendly laptop bag? 

2. TSA Regulations

3. What can I take with me in a carry-on?

4. What are the features of the TGT backpack?

1. What is a Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag?

Everyone hates the long lines at the security checkpoint. There are plenty of rules and regulations that you must follow to get into the airport. This is why the TSA proposes that travelers arrive several hours prior to their flight. Some people have had horror stories of missing their plane due to mishaps at the security checkpoint. It even resulted in a trending hashtag across Twitter and Instagram in 2016. Travelers must remove their shoes, belt and anything metal from their pockets to get through the metal detector. That means wallets, phones, laptops, and other electronics are set aside in bins. 

Unless everyone participates in a TSA precheck, screening can take a while! As frustrating as it may seem, there are ways to make the process a little easier. In 2008 the TSA announced a press release for "checkpoint friendly laptop bags". These bags must adhere to specific requirements. Travelers with these bags are able to leave their laptops and other items inside. Sounds much better than scrambling to get your laptop out of your backpack!

But not all backpacks are created equal. For a backpack to meet the requirements, the laptop must be clearly visible through the screening. There can be no metal or pockets around the laptop or else it will obstruct the view. The laptop section of the backpack must be 'laptop only' and must unfold to lie flat when it's on the conveyor belt. Even then, having a security backpack that meets the requirements may still be subject to the scrutiny of TSA personnel. Agents may still require your laptop removed and placed in the bins. Still, it's less likely with a backpack specifically designed to TSA standards.


Group of TSA workers at the airport

 TSA workers taking care of a security issue

2. TSA Regulations

While going through security can be stressful and inconvenient, the checkpoints are there for your safety. TSA agents screen thousands of people per day and often times find items in luggage that would otherwise be detrimental if taken on a plane. The regulations need to always be adhered to so that everyone can have a safe and happy flight. Laptops can look alarmingly like explosives when other electronics or items obscure them from view. This is why the TSA is always updating their rules. They request that backpacks be packed a specific way so that the screen can move smoothly.

Certain rules might seem ridiculous, but the TSA blog says otherwise. Take a look at some of the craziest things that people tried to take with them on a plane. You wouldn’t want to sit next to someone with a sickle in their bag, would you? If everyone followed the rules, there wouldn’t be so many delays and issues. Thousands of firearms and other weapons are routinely found in carry-on bags. What may seem common sense to some people is not the case with others. 

3. What Can You Have in Your Laptop Bag?

There are several important regulations to be aware of when packing a TSA approved laptop bag. While your laptop can go through unhindered, you still have to be careful with what you put in the rest of the bag. The laptop section should have nothing other than a laptop inside. Having even a book will negate the purpose of keeping it in clear view. Aside from your laptop section be aware of how you pack the rest of your belongings.

The TSA gives an allowance of only 3.4oz bottle in a 1-quart bag per person, thus the 3-1-1 rule. Travel sized items are usually within this limit, but make sure you check the measurements to be sure. Remember, these are the only liquids you're allowed to take on with you in your carry-on or personal item. If you want water with you on the plane, your best bet is to bring an empty water bottle. Foods that are not liquid based, like soups or even peanut butter, are usually safe. If you're worried, you can always consult the TSA website or ask an agent at the airport. The worst that can happen is your forced to remove your food from the backpack. Weapons are not allowed, and neither are any flammable liquids. You can bring a single lighter if it’s on your person. Be sure that wires and other electronics are safely secured. An anti-theft travel backpack or travel bag with a good amount of padding will ensure that your belongings won’t be damaged during screening. 

Open anti-theft backpack with electronics inside

 Open travel bag with electronics and other items packed.

4. TGT Backpack Features

Our backpack isn't like other anti-theft backpacks. We've designed it with superior quality that you won't find elsewhere. The exterior is slash-proof, keeping your electronics safe from any serious thieves. Water-resistant and reinforced stitching make it extra durable. It has a shock-absorbent top handle as well as laptop drop protection. If the bag is a little too heavy and you have rolling luggage, use the luggage strap. You won't have to worry about it going anywhere. If you must carry it, the back is expertly padded so carrying it isn't the slightest bit uncomfortable. The sleek design means it won't ruin your super cool outfit either. You have to look cool when you're a secret agent! 

There are no outside pockets, meaning no one can come up behind you and slip something out. All the zippers hide against your back. A small pouch sits in the middle of the back pads and two inner pockets line the corners where the bag meet the straps. The straps also have a small pocket for your transit pass. You've even got a convenient built-in charging port. You'll never have to worry about searching for a wall charger on the go! Connect a power bank inside the bag and you're all set. 

The interior is as impressive as the exterior. You have the unobstructed laptop section with an integrated drop safety strap. The spacious interior includes an RFID pocket and two other pockets for miscellaneous electronics. When you open this backpack up and lay it flat, you won't have to worry about taking your laptop out at the TSA checkpoint. Superior convenience for all types of travelers. So, stop worrying and make your way to the airport. You're all set and ready to zoom on right through to your gate.

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